How has your Fourth of July weekend been?

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How has your Fourth of July weekend been?

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I get depressed during the holiday's on account of all the happy couples out there enjoying each-other's company. I generally go into a manic search for a girlfriend as the fourth approaches, in the hopes that this year I won't see the fireworks show alone. Inevitably I go to the beach solo, consoling myself as I watch the fireworks that it's my nations birthday, and I'm part of something greater than myself.

This year's been a little different. I have no idea what are we celebrating. The American Republic's founders declared independence from the British Crown on July 4th, 1776- something I used to be proud of, and able to celebrate. Now that feels like celebrating some ancient holiday from a long dead civilization. The Republic I knew is gone- it was slowly smothered to death by evil people and apathy. Now the fourth to me seems like an excuse to get drunk and overeat- it has nothing to do with honoring the founders heroic struggle to give us freedom. It's become a commercialized holiday for the consumption addicted residents of what I used to know as the American Republic.

If I go to the fireworks show tomorrow, I'm not certain what I'll feel; but if my reaction to the flag is any indication, it will involve a combination of sorrow for what we have lost, and anger toward the usurpers who destroyed my country. But at least I can take some solace in the knowledge that while my country may be overrun, so long as my race survives, so does my nation.
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